Victories in the 10k and 4.4k as well as New Personal Bests

Victories in the 10k and 4.4k as well as New Personal Bests

Congratulations to Ellis Cross and Callum Abberley on winning their races last weekend at the Gate Gallop.
The Warton warrior won the 10k after a hard weeks training down on the Cornish coast. Ellis’ time wasn’t fast but the course was very undulating so we are all very pleased with the 34:54 clocking.
Callum Abberley a.k.a the Burton Bullet comfortably won the 4.4k fun run in 15:02. Very good preparation for him as he will have to run in heats at the major championships, so working above his 1500m distance is vitally important for him.
Both Ellis and Callum are heading up to Gateshead in two weeks time for their biggest track race of the season. Ellis will be running in the 3000m and Callum will be competing in the 1500m. Their performances will no doubt boost their confidence.

Full 10k Results found at stuweb

4.4k Results


Following on from the success of their training partners in the morning, Bikram Singh and Jack Simpson both ran new personal best times in the 400m.

Jack ran 53.5 seconds and Bikram achieved 55.1 seconds. Bikram then ran the 800m an hour later winning his first race of the year. Jack Simpson will also be joining Ellis and Callum in Gateshead.

Bikram’s results found at The Power of 10

Jack’s result found at UKYDL

Well done all.