SKF Athletes

Athlete Profiles

Welcome to SKF athlete profiles. Here, we have the latest news and videos of the athletes coached by our head trainer, Simon King.


Joshua Hale

Worcester Warriors & 400m

callum abberley

Callum Abberley

800m & 1500m


Ricki Ellison

National Hill Climb Finalist


Ben Hale

American Football

ellis cross

 Ellis Cross 

GB International XC & Track and Field

thomas randolph

Tom Randolph 


Latest Video

100m Joshua Hale 11.80 21/04/18
200m Joshua Hale 23.3 05/05/18
300m Joshua Hale 37.02 07/07/17
400m Joshua Hale 49.90 14/07/18
800m Callum Abberley 01:54.45 25/07/17
1500m Ellis Cross 03:56.98 09/06/15
1600m Callum Abberley 04:24.30 19/07/17
3000m Ellis Cross 08:34.08 03/06/15
5000m Ellis Cross 15:06.23 20/06/15
10000m Ellis Cross 32:36.40 29/08/15