Zoom Circuit & Stretch – Wednesday 18:00

Zoom Circuit & Stretch – Wednesday 18:00

£8.00 £5.00

Zoom Circuit & Stretch

Important Information

Circuit HIIT – This training unit is based on long and short circuits periodised for the UK athlete to perform high intensity movements in the summer months to help develop speed, power and speed endurance – not to forget the competition season.

The circuits are in whole aerobic, but will involve the anaerobic system more come the summer months. All circuits will incorporate frontal, sagittal, and transverse plane movements, as traditional circuits involve too many sagittal plane movements which do not help strengthen synergist muscles. Many full body movements occur in the transverse plane of motion.

Stretch – This specific stretch routine primarily aims at lengthening the spine, and targets the glutes, hip flexors, adductors, hamstrings, quadriceps and the calve muscles. All stretches will be static and won’t involve any yoga flow like sequences, as the main objective is returning the muscles to their original length.


30-minutes HIIT (18:00-18:30)

30-minutes Specific Stretching (18:30-19:00)

How it works

  • Pay for the amount of sessions you want to do.
  • Straight after payment you will be able to download the meeting ID for Zoom. Please keep this safe.
  • Logon to the class through the free Zoom application on your phone, computer or tablet. Type in Zoom ID and enter the class five minutes before it begins.

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