Tips For When Eating Out                                

If you are eating out at a pub, restaurant or café, you can make choices to ensure that you are eating a healthy balanced meal. Have a read through the tips below and make changes to the way you eat out.

  1. Try to avoid eating the bread rolls whilst waiting for your dinner to be served, ask for a small side salad instead. bread rolls tend to be white and high in calories.
  2. Try to avoid items that are deep fried, have creamy sauces or contain poultry cooked in its skin.
  3. Always try to go for healthier salads, vegetables, boiled rice rather than fried rice and avoid items cooked in batter.
  4. Choose a low-fat protein course from the menu first (such as fish or chicken) then ask the waiter to replace the rice, potatoes or pasta with extra vegetables. A list of low-fat proteins are found in the sub-menu under nutrition.
  5. Once your meal is served eat a portion of protein which is approximately the size of your hand. Then eat double that amount in vegetables. If you have chosen less favourable carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread ect) then eat the same size portion as your protein (roughly the size of a fist).
  6. If you want to have a dessert, then don’t eat any carbohydrates with your main course (except for a side salad). Then choose whatever you want from the dessert menu but plan to eat only one-third to one-half of it. This is of course you are serious about losing weight. If you have plenty of lean muscle and are very active then obviously this isn’t a problem every so often.

More tips on what to eat when you are out at a cafe or restaurant? Please visit this page on the NHS website.

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