Callum Abberley once again showed he has established his race strategy by winning the 1500m open event in Dudley. Running in their last track race of the season, Callum Abberley, Bikram Singh and Jack Simpson battled it out head to head in a highly anticipated race. Jack and Callum showed signs of nervousness before the race which is normal. Who wouldn’t? Callum said he didn’t feel well and Jack complained of a mild strain. These are all signs of anxiety. Bikram was in the zone but despite being the oldest he was the less experienced in the event. He just cracked on with his race preparation in style.

As the race started a runner burst out quickly to take a distinct lead which I wasn’t particularly happy about. I don’t like gaps growing during a race and I’m always shouting “close the gap” during training sessions. Throughout the first half mile Bikram, Jack and Callum all took it in turns taking the lead until Jack had a stride length over Callum. At this point Callum lost his running style which was frustrating as this only means going backwards for him. However he regained focus, closed the gap and fought past Jack on the last lap. Bikram at this point was just behind and did very well holding on all the way around to the finish. Callum and Jack battled it out down the home straight, catching up the leader with Callum taking him just before the line. Callum sealed off his track season with a victory and new club record of 4:14.00. Jack finished third in 4:15 narrowly missing out on a PB whilst Bikram recorded a new personal best time of 4:22 to finish fourth.

The track season is over but it doesn’t stop here though. We now have to look ahead to the first cross country fixture which is no less than four weeks away. This is where the hard work begins..

Full results will be made available soon.

Rankings found at The Power of 10