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Weight Loss – Cardiovascular Fitness

Speed, Agility and Quickness for Athletes

Lower Back Pain Management and Injury Prevention

Training for Armed Forces and Police Selection


Personal Training Edgbaston & Harborne

Parks – The Vale (Edgbaston Park Road), Metchley & Pritchatts Park.

Home Visits – Edgbaston & Harborne Only.

Online Training via Google Meet


Simon King is currently an active mobile personal trainer in Edgbaston & Harborne, Birmingham. Professional personal trainer with over a decade of exclusive one to one training experience covering professional athletes, post-physiotherapy rehabilitations, sport performance and specific fitness goals for individuals.

Simon acquires a HNC in Sport and Exercise Sciences and holds British Athletics, Weightlifting and Cycling qualifications. He enjoys watching athletics, football, cycling and weightlifting, and lists his former coach John Graves as his role model. More information here.

How It Works

Step One

Contact Simon to arrange a FREE in-depth one hour consultation regarding your fitness aims and goals online or down the park.

Step Two 

During the consultation Simon will go though your needs and fitness goals as well as a health questionnaire including previous/current injuries. You can ask as many questions as you like in order to find out if Simon King Fitness is the right fitness strategy for you to achieve your goals.

If you believe that Simon King Fitness is for you, Simon will then give you a breakdown on how he will approach your training and the support you will be given. These recommendations will be used to start you on the path to achieve your physiological demands of your fitness goals and the body you need/want.

Step Three

Book for your first personal training Birmingham session and Simon will compose a tailored training programme based on the latest and proven sport science training concepts to meet your goals. Your training programme will be specifically designed and can also include home workout recommendations, nutritional advice, and lifestyle changes which are extremely crucial to get you up and running. We will then discuss the programme on the day your first personal training session commences.

First Personal Training Session

Full control and personal attention will be provided in all the personal training Birmingham sessions whereby all will start on a warm up and finish with a cool down. Flexibility is at the heart of personal training, as without this vital step you greatly increase the likelihood of getting injured. During your first personal training session various measurements will be taken in order for Simon King to see what strengths and weaknesses you have as well as comparing values to future values for signs of improvement.

You will be encouraged to execute the correct technique when learning a new movement. We have to achieve the best results effectively as we can. Sometimes a particular exercise may not be suitable, and that is when the exercise can be modified for one that suits you. If you are looking solely for online personal training programme to follow then please click here

Personal Training Edgbaston & Harborne Cost

Standard Package

Ten one hour personal training Birmingham sessions to have whenever you like. At least one session a week is recommended.

Parks – £400 (or £42 for an individual session).

Home Visits – £450 (or £45 for an individual session).

Couple Training

£50 per session.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07540581977


Essa Alshaiji
Essa Alshaiji
This is Issa Al-Shaiji, I started my running sessions with Simon King about 9 months. He helped me with my running journey, and I couldn’t thank him more. He was there when I was at my lowest and encouraged me to push myself while working out. I had so much fun when we went for runs together. I vividly remember that day, I was feeling unwell. Although, with his encouraging words, that dreadful feeling went away, much like a person spilling out their emotions out onto paper. He is extremely optimistic and exerts his positive energy to his clients so they can achieve their goals, and I appreciate that about him. Not only that, but his constant promising affirmations helped me get to where I am today in my journey. Simon King is a genuine and humble individual to be around. I look up to him in many ways. If my time in the UK was longer, I would’ve continued my journey with him because he’s such a good coach. He helped with joining several running events such as 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, and half marathon. He improved my running skills and my fitness journey fantastically. I lost about more than 10 kg with him, and I’m so grateful because I wouldn’t have achieved my goal without him. I highly recommend Simon King for a client who wants to achieve his or her goals.
Ganeswar Matcha
Ganeswar Matcha
Trained with Simon king for couple of years and it was fantastic experience. He keeps a keen check on his clients nutrition as well.
Siobhan Halloran
Siobhan Halloran
I started training with Simon in 2021, to increase my strength for a paramedic fitness assessment. Simon was brilliant, he listened to exactly what I needed and focused my training on those specific areas. I was able to pass my assessment and start training. Simon kept up with my progress, changed steps and methods if different exercises were not giving results, and gave me follow up advice after our initial sessions were over. I couldn't have passed the assessment without him.
Simon Hall
Simon Hall
I started training with Simon at the start of 2020 as I've been struggling with calf issues and was looking to make some really gains with both my running and cycling. Over the last 24 months Simon has helped me with strength and conditioning but also my running programme and has created a periodised training programme to ensure we were peaking for my major races. In 2021 he has helped me take over 4 minutes off my 25 mile time trail taking it from 57:54 to 53:49 and also over 2 minutes off my 10 mile best taking it from 22:54 to 20:39. This season has been incredible with Silver medals at both the English and British duathlon championships for my age and finishing 8th overall at the British. I've also gone on to get a 4th place at the world championships in Aviles Spain finishing 12th overall. I losing lots of time on the bike until this year, my bike split at the world championships was 2nd fastest in my age category and 5th overall. The work Simon King has done to give my legs and core the extra strength has enabled to come on leaps and bounds on the bike especially taking huge chucks off my times. I highly recommend Simon for both S&C but also to help plan structured programmes giving athletes the confidence they'll peak for the right races. What ever level you are, I believe he can help found those marginal gains you're looking for.
Satvir Kalirai
Satvir Kalirai
After years of neglecting my strength and fitness, I searched for personal training in Birmingham and came across Simon King Fitness, initially booking 10 sessions. I quickly realised the importance of technique as Simon was able to explain methods of training to prevent injuries. I found his knowledge also assisted me in helping with pre-existing shoulder and lower back issues. After a few weeks of combining the sessions with dietary advice given by Simon, I noticed positive effects on my overall strength, fitness and body shape. This encouraged me to continue the training with Simon. I can definitely say that Simon’s knowledge and ability to motivate has played a major contribution in greatly improving my overall fitness and health.
Lillian Garnier
Lillian Garnier
Choosing Simon as my personal trainer inspired me to take running more seriously. As a young girl, I was a member of my local athletics club where I ran with the middle-distance group. Whilst studying in Birmingham, I took time away from running and discovered that when I returned to the sport, I was getting continually injured. Through his gym at Birmingham Physiotherapy, I met Simon whilst receiving treatment for my knee and ankle injuries. Together, we worked through my injury and built a foundation upon which I could strengthen, develop, and improve my running whilst remaining (most of the time) injury free. In 2019, I achieved a 5K PB of 22:39 and during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Simon put together a 10-week programme to challenge and encourage me to beat this time. The training was difficult and at times I felt like giving up however, whenever I had any questions, felt unmotivated, or even had any niggles in my knees (from previous injuries), I knew I could count on Simon to reassure me I was performing well and provide me with appropriate stretches/mobility work to alleviate any muscle soreness I was experiencing. In June, I achieved a new 5k PB of 20:55 – a time I never thought I would achieve. Now, with the help and support of Simon, I am striving to run a sub-20 5k by 2021 and can’t wait to see what tough, challenging training he has planned. Thank you so much to Simon for his unwavering support in helping me to achieve my goals!
Ricki E
Ricki E
I have been road cycling since 2012, and 2 years ago, I decided to enter my first race. That led to me competing in around 8 races, during the 2018 season. My chosen events being Hill Climbs. After achieving some good results in my first year, I had the desire to achieve better results. I felt I couldn’t do this alone, as my knowledge on training and nutrition was slightly lacking. That’s when I contacted Simon King, for some help. Simon has helped massively. We started out by introducing some gym workouts, to improve strength and power on the bike. We also talked about nutrition. But a big help came with the introduction of TrainingPeaks to our training. This allowed Simon to plan and analyse my training workouts, on an online platform. After a long 10 months of training, which included a training camp in Italy, we had our first race of the season in September 2019. We raced every weekend in September and October, and achieved personal best times in all but one race. I also took my first win, which came at the Bath Hill Climb. I also set a huge PB at this race, going 9 seconds quicker, over the 0.7km climb, compared to the previous year. I also achieved 2 second places, and a hand full of top 10 places in the season. Thanks to Simon, I have seen huge improvements in my cycling over the last 18 months. And we have set ourselves bigger targets for the 2020 season, as I continue to work with Simon. I would definitely recommend contacting Simon if you want to achieve a sporting or fitness goal. He’ll push you hard, but you’ll achieve your goal if you’re willing to work for it. Ricki.