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About Me

Simon King is currently an active mobile personal trainer in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Professional personal trainer with over a decade of exclusive one to one training experience covering professional athletes, post-physiotherapy rehabilitations, sport performance and specific fitness goals for individuals.

Simon acquires a HNC in Sport and Exercise Sciences and holds British Athletics, Weightlifting and Cycling qualifications. He enjoys watching athletics, football, cycling and weightlifting, and lists his former coach John Graves as his role model. More information here.

How It Works

Step One

Contact Simon King to arrange a FREE in-depth one hour consultation regarding your fitness aims and goals online.

Step Two 

During the consultation Simon will go though your needs and fitness goals as well as a health questionnaire including previous/current injuries. You can ask as many questions as you like in order to find out if Simon King Fitness is the right fitness strategy for you to achieve your goals.

If you believe that Simon King Fitness is for you, Simon will then give you a breakdown on how he will approach your training and the support you will be given. These recommendations will be used to start you on the path to achieve your physiological demands of your fitness goals and the body you need/want.

Step Three

Book for your first Online personal training session and Simon will compose a tailored training programme based on the latest and proven sport science training concepts to meet the goals you have in mind. It will be specifically designed and will cover workout recommendations, nutritional advice and lifestyle changes which are extremely crucial. All will be discussed during your first training session if you wish to have additional training units to complete at home. 

First Online Personal Training Session

Full control and personal attention will be provided in all the online personal training sessions whereby all will start on a warm up and finish with a cool down. Flexibility is at the heart of personal training, as without this vital step you greatly increase the likelihood of getting injured. During your first personal training session various measurements will be taken in order for Simon King to see what strengths and weaknesses you have as well as comparing values to future values for signs of improvement.

You will be encouraged to execute the correct technique when learning a new movement. We have to achieve the best results effectively as we can. Sometimes a particular exercise may not be suitable, and that is when the exercise can be modified for one that suits you. If you are looking solely for online personal training programmes to follow, then please click here

Online Personal Training Cost

Standard Package

Ten one hour Online personal training sessions to have whenever you like. At least one session a week is recommended.

£400 (or £42 for an individual session).

Couple Training

£50 per hour.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07540581977


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Early November I went for a routine blood test, one week later I received a letter from my GP explaining that from the blood tests that they had found I was very close to being diabetic, and advised that I should lose a stone in weight or sign up to a NHS health program.

Following various telephone calls I realised that I couldn’t get into a program until January, I wasn’t prepared to wait and as I was not going to add Diabetes to my list of medical issues I started to look for a personal PT for advice, looking through the internet I decided to contact Simon King whose CV included being a professional in nutrition, I wasn’t looking for a diet I wanted to change my lifestyle, I am 60 years old and had never been in a gym, so the prospect of hard exercise didn’t appeal to me at all, however I went to meet with Simon at his gym for a free consultation this is where Simon and I decided together that he could work together and help me, Simon advised me on things like what I could do by way of changing my eating and drinking routines, “I never knew how much sugar was in the what I thought was healthy drinks and food” hence I made my first appointment to go and see Simon to start a workout program, and at this point I weighed 95.3kg, now middle of March I weigh 86.2kg achieved by studying what I eat and light and easily achievable exercise.

I have never felt so well and am constantly getting comments from people who know me as to how well I look, as I tell them all I have done is change my lifestyle in food drink and exercise and by not giving up still a lot of things I enjoyed but perhaps less and with alternatives, like white rice and white pasta to brown rice and pasta, all advised from Simon.
I would urge anyone young or older to go and get a consultation to see what they could get out of it.

I have recently had another blood test where it was shown that my results had come down dramatically and I was told by the hospital that I had done an amazing job, they don’t need to encourage me to carry on, just by the way I feel and things I have learnt will do that.
I am now very happy looking at myself in the mirror with confidence, stamina and determination to carry gently on. Andy Greenway – March 2018

When I first went to see Simon, I was about 2 stone overweight. I had pain and some mobility problems from several injuries: a broken foot from high school that didn’t heal properly, lower back injury from playing football and a torn rotor cuff on my right shoulder. I’m a computer programmer, so I spend almost all my time seated in front of a computer. As a result I had posture problems as well. He immediately made a nutrition and workout plan for me.

First, nutrition. The great thing is Simon never prescribed a strict set of meals or nutritional products or anything like that. He gave me guidelines on what to eat, what to avoid and roughly what quantities. There were even tips for what to do when you can’t follow the diet, like when you’re in a dinner party or something like that. You don’t have to be a saint, just do your best to stick to the plan. It was practical and easy to follow.

I’ve been able to take that knowledge with me and it doesn’t matter if it’s next week or 20 years from now, I ‘ll know how well I’m eating and how to get back on track if I ever deviate. The change in my eating habits was gradual, but now I enjoy it. I feel good when I eat, instead of just stuffed. I realized how much healthier you can feel with some small changes. I’m even saving money when I shop for groceries; it’s amazing how overpriced some junk food can be.

Now to fitness. The first workouts were a bit hard. He focused on correcting my posture and gaining lost mobility in the areas that were injured. I stuck to it, and the result: in 5 months, I went from 87.5 kilograms to 76.5 (almost 2 stone). My left foot regained some mobility as well. Both my shoulders got stronger, but more importantly I could move my right shoulder again in ways that used to be painful. My back straightened out and I gained 2 centimetres in height because I was actually standing up straight!

I feel better now. I have more energy during the day and sleep better at night. I can concentrate on my job better (or any task for that matter) as well. Taking care of your body helps out in ways you can’t predict. And going forward I know how to plan out my fitness regimen, what exercises target which problem areas, and how to support that with proper nutrition. It feels like I’ve gained more control over my life, and how I can feel.

I would recommend anyone to train with Simon. You’ll learn a lot more than you think and you will definitely get results if you put the work in. He’s a great motivator, and his sessions will always challenge you in a positive way! Carlos, Birmingham

‘2013 was my 40th year and having been injured for a number of months I had been unable to run and put on a few pounds topping 101kg. When I had my consultation meeting with Simon we agreed on my 2 gaols for the year would be a) lose weight and b) run a PB in the Birmingham Half Marathon.
In 10 months being trained by Simon I reached 91kg and knocked 3 mins off my previous PB of 1hr 45mins so both aims were well and truly met.
The training sessions are both challenging but rewarding with Simon continually pushing for more! I have never felt as fit and strong as I do now and that is purely down to Simon’s skill and attention to detail in making every session different and sort of enjoyable! I cannot recommend Simon highly enough and I look forward to him setting me new goals for 2014!’ James, Birmingham

‘I have been training with Simon for just under a year, so far I have lost just under 10kg! Simon is a great motivator and really knowledgeable about fitness and how to reach goals. His sessions are well planned and fun and you always leave knowing you have done something worthwhile! Simon is enthusiastic and will not stop until you reach your goal, he changes things around to make sure you keep achieving the results you want. If you need extra drive then Simon will do that for you, he wants the results as much as you!’ Abi, Birmingham

‘After four major operations on my neck I become a couch potato, I was on a huge amount of pain killers, and things seemed to be going from bad to worse. I met Simon through MG Physiotherapy and he worked with the Physiotherapists to create an exercise programme around my neck problems with the aim to strengthening certain muscle groups in my back and neck. The programme worked extremely well and together with the treatment delivered by the Physiotherapists I was able to slowly withdraw my pain killers. Over 6 months I lost four stone and Simon helped me realise that the regular exercise helped my neck problems. I found Simon’s style to be through consultation and support, taking real interest in issues around my exercise and other factors e.g. medication causing weight gain. Simon worked with me with understanding patience and skill, helping me keep motivated with great fitness rewards in a short period of time. He kept adapting the programme to the improvements in my neck and fitness so I was constantly moving forward. I would strongly recommend Simon as a Personal Trainer’ Bill, Lichfield