Fat Burning Circuits

3*8*40-secs (20-secs/90-secs)
3*9*30-secs (15-secs/90-secs)
Pyramid: 6 exercises

Elite Static Stretching Routines

Upper Body Static Stretches
Lower Body Static Stretches

Specific Stretching Routines

Neck and Upper Back Stretches
Shoulder Stretches
Chest Stretches
Lower Back Stretches
Glute, Abductor and Adductor Stretches
Hip Flexor Stretches
Quadriceps Stretches
Hamstring Stretches
Calve Stretches

Elite Mobility Routines

Shoulder Mobility
Thoracic Mobility
Hip Mobility

Ankle Mobility

Glute Activation, Core and Lower Back Strengthening Exercises

Glute Activation Exercises
Core Exercises
Lower Back Strengthening