Online Personal Training Programmes/Training Peaks

How It Works

Email or call Simon on the details below to discuss what you are looking for. This could be a marathon programme to follow, a 5km plan, or even a general weight training and fitness plan. All is accessible on Training Peaks, in which you will be hooked up to Simon’s coach account.

I will then start devising your Online Personal Training Programme via Training Peaks. We also use Google Drive for further lists of exercises if you prefer spreadsheets.

Your programme will be shared via the Training Peaks application or on Google Drive. You can also input any further information on these training applications which I will be notified about. TP offers a huge amount of statistics which can help us improve your training to near perfection.

I will follow your progress via the applications and schedule a weekly call to discuss how training has been, and what could be done to improve performance.

What’s Included

Personalised 12 microcycles (weeks) of online personal training.

Various workouts for continued progression.

Exercise videos included to demonstrate correct techniques.

Appropriate sets, repetitions and recovery for development.

Ten minute weekly call to discuss progression.

About Me

Simon King is currently an active mobile personal trainer in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Professional personal trainer with over a decade of exclusive one to one training experience covering professional athletes, post-physiotherapy rehabilitations, sport performance and specific fitness goals for individuals.

Simon acquires a HNC in Sport and Exercise Sciences and holds British Athletics, Weightlifting and Cycling qualifications. He enjoys watching athletics, football, cycling and weightlifting, and lists his former coach John Graves as his role model. More information here.

simon king personal trainer

Why Choose Online Personal Training?

Online personal training is for people who cannot visit a personal trainer, or prefer to train to their own schedule.

If you are looking for someone to keep track of your training, then this is the best option for you.

If at anytime you feel that you need to brush up on technique, then you arrange an online video call to run through technical points.

Programmes can take up to a week to administer upon purchase.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07540581977


I have been going to Simon now since 2015, however due to work commitments now I can only see him once every 3 months so I decided to join on to his online training programme. It was catered to me personally, so it was specific to my football training. The workouts were tracked on an easy to use 12 week programme where we could both input the progress and make any changes if necessary. Also Simon provided a nutrition plan for me to follow which was simple and not time consuming. This was beneficial as nutrition was always something I struggled to keep on top of – Ryan, West Midlands.