I assisted four-time Olympic medalist Louis Smith recently in launching the new Fitbit Ace for kids. We took the aspiring athletes through a series of stability, core and plyometric based activities.
The Fitbit Ace solely focuses on children to achieve a minimum of 10,000 steps and 60 minutes of continuous activity a day also tracking sleep as well.
Hopefully this will encourage more children to get out and run around, as opposed to playing on the Xbox!

Below is the session plan which took place in Argos – Birmingham City centre.

Warm Up

Sprinters Arms

Speed March Arms

Spinal Mobility

Torso Twists

Hip Circles

Reverse Lunge and Twist

Sumo Squats

Knees side to side

Knee to chest

Downward Dog

Hip Extension

Main Session

Part One – Stability – Ankle/Knee/Hip

Single Leg Romanians

Clock Lunges

Sumo Squats

Crab Walks

Unilateral Hops Forward

Unilateral Hops Lateral

Clock Hopping clockwise/anti

Jogging on the spot then stop with one knee up


10 reps

Short recovery

Part Two – Tabata – HIIT

High Knees

Star Jumps

Speed Skaters

Calf Jumps

Sprinters Arms

Mountain Climbers

Spiderman Lunges

Plank Star Jump Legs only


20 seconds on

10 seconds recovery

2-3 sets

1-2 minutes rest between sets

Part Three – Core Exercises – Stability


Tailbone Lifts



Prone Glute Squeezes

Single Leg Hip Ex

Plank to Downward Dog

Plank – Hips side to side

Plank with One Arm Rotation


10-15 reps

Short Recovery

Cool Down

Knees to the side

Knee to Chest Stretch

Glute Stretch on your back

Piriformis Stretch on your back

TFL Stretch Sitting Up

Chest Stretch

Back Stretch