Online Personal Training

How It Works

  • Complete the questionnaire below to decide whether Online Personal Training is for you.
  • I will then assess personally your application and start devising your programme.
  • Your programme will be shared  via email or on Google Drive. You can also input your training plan onto any application of your choosing such as. Google Drive is easily accessible, and the spreadsheets are simple to follow. See below for more details.
  • I will follow your progress providing a weekly report. This can be discussed during a specific time slot each week and answer any questions you may have regarding your online personal training programme.
online personal training
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What's Included

  • Personalised 12 microcycles (weeks) of online personal training.
  • Various workouts for continued progression.
  • Exercise videos included to demonstrate correct techniques.
  • Appropriate sets, repetitions and recovery for development.
  • Nutritional advice to support your physical progression.
  • Contact me at any time to discuss your progress, techniques and queries.

Why Choose Online Personal Training?

  • Online personal training is for people who cannot visit a personal trainer, or prefer to train to their own schedule.
  • If you are looking for someone to keep track of your training, then this is the best option for you.
  • If at anytime you feel that you need to brush up on technique, then you have access to face-to-face tuition at my Birmingham based studio.
  • If you do not stick to a particular diet/intake then you will more than likely be tracking your food. Those who track food and weight lose more pounds. I will only make you stick strictly to macros unless it’s really necessary.
  • Programmes will take Simon up to five days to structure and complete for your attention.
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Online Personal Training


When completing the questionnaire below, choose what training programme you are looking to follow. This could include (but is not limited to):

Weight LossSports SpecificLean Muscle GainInjury Rehabilitation


Choose your schedule – How many times can you train? – a minimum of three times is required. This allows me to plan your training alongside recovery time, so I can decide which days work best for you and I will design your programme to suit your lifestyle.


To maintain progress and record your achievements, you can also keep tabs on certain values depending your goals.

Training DiaryWorkoutsBody MeasurementsBody WeightSpecific Fitness TestsBody Fat

Examples of specific fitness tests are one-rep maximums, 500m row, Cooper run (12 minute aerobic test), standing long jump or even a 60 second press up test. Completing these tests at regular intervals will help you track your progress. You will be amazed by how further you can push yourself in just a few short weeks. If we are not on schedule, we will look on how to change the programme to achieve new personal bests. Failure to set goals can result in complacency. For example, I occasionally do parkruns and Pull Ups to find out where I am, and what training units I might need to change around or include to progress with my own training.


Nutritional advice will take into account your tastes and goals. Supplementation is not advised.

Please APPLY ONLINE  before proceeding to payment below. If you want to contact me to discuss any further information, please contact me by your choice of preference here.

  • Standard Package

  • £3003 Months

  • Training Peaks (Running or Cycling)
  • Personalised 12 microcycles (weeks)
  • Access Programme Anywhere
  • Support via Skype or Telephone
  • Exercise Videos
  • Nutritional Support
  • Premium Package

  • £3603 Months

  • Training Peaks (Running or Cycling)
  • Personalised 12 microcycles (weeks)
  • Access Programme Anywhere
  • Support via Skype or Telephone
  • Exercise Videos
  • Nutritional Support


Following Simon’s training programme over the last 15 months has enabled me to achieve personal bests over the time-trial events. I turned forty two years ago and didn’t think I’d improve over the 25 and 50-mile events. I used to follow a training programme on an app, but didn’t find it very progressive. I like Simon’s structured plan, and he gets you to understand how the programme improves V02 max (which I’d heard of, but didn’t know really what it was about in relation to training)  and also gives you access to all his online strengthening videos. He also makes sure I do a Vo2 test every eight to ten weeks to measure progression, something that I didn’t do before. He also makes sure I arrange a call with him once a week to discuss how everything has been going. I thoroughly recommend using Simon’s online training services – Steve, Cheshire.

I have been going to Simon now since 2015, however due to work commitments now I can only see him once every 3 months so I decided to join on to his online training programme. It was catered to me personally, so it was specific to my football training. The workouts were tracked on an easy to use 12 week programme where we could both input the progress and make any changes if necessary. Also Simon provided a nutrition plan for me to follow which was simple and not time consuming. This was beneficial as nutrition was always something I struggled to keep on top of – Ryan, West Midlands.