Like the face-to-face experience, online personal training offers tailored workouts to suit your target goals. The bare minimum equipment is needed and the trainer adapts the session with the finite equipment you may have. Online personal training is delivered at the most convenient times to suit yourself and is delivered from the comfort of your own home. It is exceptionally effective for people who work from home, and offers flexibility for those individuals who work long hours and struggle getting to a gym. The effectiveness of online personal training will really surprise you. The professional guidance from the trainer is the difference between following a plan, and executing your goals efficiently in a progressive manner. Not to mention the weekly communication you receive from your personal trainer.

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How to Find the Best Online Personal Trainer for You

Check out their online presence and see who they have been working with. If you spot regular posts with positive results working with an array of individuals, then most likely they will be a good choice for you.

Checking the personal trainers reviews on google is a good start. Remember, this is an investment, so make sure you have an online consultation before signing up for a block of sessions.

Check to make sure the personal trainer has a basic Level 3 personal training qualification. If you have any specific goals, for example, lower back pain. Find someone with a L4 lower back pain management certificate. Similarly, if you’re looking for someone to aid you with a middle/long distance running event, then a personal trainer who holds a UKA coaching licence as well as a certificate in personal training will be able to guide you through the relative strength and conditioning work, as well as the correct training principles to improve you v02 max.

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How is Online Personal Training Delivered?

Online personal training is delivered through various online platforms. For example, Google Meet, Zoom or Facetime. You can also further enhance your experience by using an online training platform via training peaks. Here, I attach my clients to this software which enables me to track heart rates and power zones. This helps me get the most out of my clients when I set them ‘homework’ to achieve outside face-to-face hours.

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Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

  • Flexibility
  • No distractions
  • No travelling to and from gym
  • Safe environment
  • No occupied machines/gym equipment
  • Increased communication
  • Privacy
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Improved mood/Fun and enjoyment

Drawbacks of an Online Personal Trainer

  • Can be limited to the equipment you have
  • Maybe difficult to lift heavy weights without trainer present
  • Form/technique might not be executed 100% efficiently
  • Could get distracted from home life
  • Easily log in late to sessions

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