Having recently achieved a new personal best time of 20:39 over the 10-mile time trial event, Si Hall set his sights on beating his 25-mile personal best. His main target on the bike this year as part of his personal project, Project 3355, has been to break 55:33 for the 25-mile TT. This is an average of 2:21-min/per mile over the 25 mile event. It was The V.C Norwich 25 mile TT event, in which he would achieve great success.

Si achieved a Sub 20 – 19:17 through the first ten 10 mile segment of the course. He stated, ‘I’m not sure you can count going through 10 miles in a 25 as a PB but the conditions today meant I flew through the first 10 mile in 19:17’. As each mile went by it looked more and more likely Si was going to achieve a huge personal best. Entering into the last mile Si threw everything at it, and as a result achieved a maximum heart rate of 164bpm.

Crossing the finishing line pumping his hand high up in the air, Si smashed his previous best time of 57:54 to finish in an impressive time of 53:49 (official time) averaging 285 watts 4.5 watts per kg (4.5W/kg). This result has surprised us all, but highlights the fact that nothing is stopping him from achieving more records this season. His hard work and enthusiasm for training has no doubted contributed to his recent successes. Congratulations, Si!

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