Simon Hall recently performed the race of his life finishing second at the National Duathlon Championships, Yorkshire. This event doubled up as a qualification race for next years ETU Duathlon Championships and National Age Group Championships.

Quoted from Project3355, “The Standard race consists of a 10km run 40km bike and 5km run. The race itself was hosted at the Croft Circuit utilising the track itself for some of the bike leg. The run route was based on a 5km loop with a mixture of both grass and tarmac. With social distancing still in place, individuals started at 5 second intervals. The bike course started with 3 laps on the Croft Circuit before heading out onto the roads for 23km on an undulating course which luckily was pretty quiet in terms of traffic. After the road circuit it was back on the track for a further two laps. And then a final 5km run on the same loop as the first run”.

Si completed the first run (10km) in 36:18, 01:04:41 (40km bike), and then powered to a medal with a strong 19:54 (5km) run. His second run is much stronger than he has previously achieved, and is no doubt down to the hard work he has put in during his strength and conditioning sessions. See more below.

Hall has excelled scrupulously in his strength and conditioning over the last eighteen months; he has listened to his body and has followed a periodised S&C programme. We have progressively increased the resistance on his power based exercises, and homed in on gluteal activation and core stability. Looking at data from recent performances we can gladly say his hip stabilisers have facilitated these personal best results. These muscles have allowed Simon to maintain a higher velocity at the end of a gruelling event. The utmost congratulations Si, and I sincerely hope you achieve your new-found goals – 33:55 and 55:33 🙂

More information on the course, race, and Simon’s personal report, please click the link below:

Race Results at